Study & Stay Abroad Fair

Group visits

The school visit program has been established to welcome, free of charge, high school students (sec. 3-4-5) and adults in field trips. All schools and organizations in the Greater Montreal and other Quebec regions are invited to visit The Study & Stay Abroad Fair with a mission to foster mobility of students and adults, and allow them to experience life abroad.

The Study & Stay Abroad Fair is presented in conjunction with The National Education Fair and The National Job Fair, and welcomes young people and adults, accompanied by teachers, Academic Advisors, Guidance Counselors and parents.

When booking a group visit, you offer opportunity for your students and clientele to explore three interrelated universe, that is to say The Study & Stay Abroad Fair and The National Education Fair, acessible to youth and adults, and The National Job Fair, accessible only to adults.

Why visit the fair

The visit of The Study & Stay Abroad Fair will allow you to:

  • Meet in person with representatives of insitutions from several countries
  • Find out about study programs abroad, financial aids and resource
  • Explore working options abroad
  • Discover many language-learning trips opportunities
  • Learn about international cooperation and volunteer programs

Whether you dream to:

  • Go on an adventure trip;
  • Discover other countries and cultures;
  • Learn another language;
  • Study or work abroad;
  • Help make a difference in the world.

You will find all necessary resources to realize your project at The Study & Stay Abroad Fair

Who are the exhibitors

The Study & Stay Abroad Fair regroups the following categories of exhibitors:

Study Abroad

  • Universities (graduate programs)
  • International specialized schools (hospitality, commerce and others)
  • Organizations offering exchange programs for an academic year abroad
  • International agencies in education

Work abroad

  • Canadian companies with offices in other countries
  • Overseas companies
  • Governmental programs
  • Organizations offering work placements
  • International cooperation agencies
  • Au Pair programs
  • International employment agencies

Language-Learning trips abroad

  • Language schools
  • Organizations offering language-learning trips
  • Summer camps
  • Governmental programs

Internships and volunteer abroad

  • International cooperation agencies
  • Governmental cooperation programs

Resources, services and financing

  • Travel agencies
  • Financial institutionsInstitutions financières
  • Governmental ministries and agencie


National Education Fair of Montreal

National Job Fair of Montreal
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