Study & Stay Abroad Fair

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Message from the President of INEO

In 2010, INEO innovated, creating The Study & Stay Abroad Fair in Montreal, Canada. This Fair is specially designed for adults and youth who want to experience life abroad, whether for a period of study, work, cooperation or language immersion, or simply for adventure. The Study & Stay Abroad Fair will gather under one roof many resources to realized your project or your dream.

For my part, travel play an important role in my life. They allow me to disconnect from the often frantic pace of my professional life, to recharge my batteries, to provide a great of change. Passionate about history and archeology, I love visiting old countries and sites that restore past civilizations. Each trip allows me to learn more about the history of civilization, the wealth of cultures, the beauty of our planet and better understand the world we live in today.

Teenager, I wish I had at my disposal many resources to allow me to experience a stay abroad. However, I could, through sport, travel all over the world, which continues through my personal projects and my professional career. Today, I am sensitive to all the possibilities open to us to explore new horizons. And I think it's important to enjoy it. Later, when I have the opportunity, I would invest my time in volunteer programs abroad, a nice way give back what my travels abroad brought me so much. A way to combine business with pleasure.

Whether in a professional or personal approach, school or work, cooperation or tourism, I am sure The Study & Stay Abroad Fair will meet your expectations.


Daniel Levesque
President of INEO
Organizer of The Study & Stay Abroad Fair


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