Study & Stay Abroad Fair

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Message from the President of INEO

In 2010, INEO innovated again, creating The Study & Stay Abroad Fair in Montreal, Canada. This fair is designed for all educational facilities, companies and international organizations who seek a quality event to present their training, education or employment offers, to promote their programs and services, and to develop their recruitment in a big market: the second largest city in Canada, the Quebec’s metropolis and one of the largest bilingual cities in the world (French and English) with a market of more than 3.3 million people.

Since 1996, INEO presents Canada’s largest gathering devoted to education, training, employment and career: The National Education Fair and The National Job Fair of Montreal. This unique concept brings together under one roof two interconnected realities: the world of education and the labor market. Those fairs welcomed yearly more than 300 exhibitors and partners and up to 25,000 attendees.

The integration of The Study & Stay Abroad Fair enables organizations from abroad to enjoy a specific area of its own identity. The Study & Stay Abroad Fair targets international organizations to fulfill their specific recruiting needs and organizations from Canada facilitating experiences at an international level. It allows us to complete our offer by encouraging mobility of students and workers who wish to acquire or renew an international experience.

Located beside The National Education Fair and The National Job Fair, The Study & Stay Abroad Fair is a “bridge” between these two events and will benefit from the 25,000 visitors already attending both events – high school students and adults – plus its own attendance.

The table is set in Montreal to offer a showcase and unequalled exposure to international organizations

In addition, our strong experience as the organizer of Canada’s largest recruiting events in the two largest markets in the country – The National Education Fair and The National Job Fair in Montreal and The National Job Fair & Training Expo in Toronto – will provide a unique exhibit opportunity and an unrivaled reach to overseas organizations.

It is therefore with pride that I invite you to discover what the third edition of the The Study & Stay Abroad Fair has to offer and it is with much pleasure that I invite all international organizations to participate.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Montreal this fall.

Daniel Levesque
President, INEO inc.
Organizer of The Study & Stay Abroad Fair


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