Study & Stay Abroad Fair

Who attends the fair

The Study & Stay Abroad Fair is for all local, regional, provincial, national and international organizations looking for a quality event to enhance their recruitment into a market of choice: the second largest city in Canada, Quebec's metropolis and one of the largest bilingual city in the world (French and English) with a market of 3.3 million people.

If your organization offers one or the other of the following programs or services, you should consider to participate in The Study & Stay Abroad Fair:

  • comprehensive curriculum in international colleges, universities and institutes
  • training programs overseas
  • jobs abroad for candidates with experience
  • youth employment programs
  • internships for international cooperation
  • volunteer programs
  • language studies abroad
  • summer camp stays
  • Au Pair programs
  • adventure travel overseas
  • government services, and
  • resources, services and financing for a stay abroad


The Study & Stay Abroad Fair is specifically designed to welcome international organizations (outside Canada) wishing to develop their international clientele from Quebec and Canada, as well as to all organizations from Quebec and Canada whose mission is to promote international experiences in all its forms.

The Study & Stay Abroad Fair regroup the following categories of exhibitors:

Study Abroad

  • Universities (graduate programs)
  • International specialized schools (hospitality, commerce and others)
  • Organizations offering exchange programs for an academic year abroad
  • International agencies in education

Work abroad

  • Canadian companies with offices in other countries
  • Overseas companies
  • Government programs
  • Organizations offering work placements
  • International cooperation agencies
  • Au Pair programs
  • International employment agencies

Language-Learning trips abroad

  • Language schools
  • Organizations offering language-learning trips
  • Summer camps
  • Government programs

Internships and volunteer abroad

  • International cooperation agencies
  • Aid organizations
  • Government cooperation programs

Resources, services and financing

  • Consulates and embassies
  • Departments of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Government ministries and agencies
  • Travel agencies
  • Financial institutions


Located at the junction of The National Education Fair and The National Job Fair, The Study & Stay Abroad Fair benefit from the clientele of both fairs, in addition to its specific clientele, namely:

  • people looking to study, to work, to stay and / or to travel abroad
  • High school, college and university students;
  • Adults on the job market or seeking employment;
  • parentsof high school students
  • Teachers and Academic Advisors from private and public high schools
  • Guidance Counselors and professionals

Why participate

By participating as an exhibitor in The Study & Stay Abroad Fair, you offer young people and adults of the Greater Montreal Area and outlying regions to discover the word while allowing them to experience immersion, study, volunteer, work or tourist stays abroad.

By participating as an exhibitor, you develop your network by forging close ties with educational institutions in Quebec as well as businesses, government ministries and agencies and professional organizations participating in the upcoming National Education Fair and National Job Fair presented jointly with The Study & Stay Abroad Fair.

By participating as an exhibitor, you are part of the only event of its kind in the province of Quebec and you benefit from the strength and professionalism of a team that has over 16 years experience in organizing prestigious recruitment events.

Target markets

The Study & Stay Abroad Fair is taking place in the heart of the largest French-speaking market in North America, which approximately 40% of the population is (French and English). Greater Montreal market represents a population of 3.3 million people.

  • Island of Montreal (1.8 million people, of whom 56% are bilingual and 17% are trilingual)
  • Greater Montreal (3.3 millions people, of whom 52% are bilingual and 24% are trilingual)


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